Koncert Hammer & Chissel

Informacje o wydarzeniu

24.10.2015, Sobota, 20:33, 13muz, pl. Żołnierza Polskiego 2

Hegre delivers harsh noise and feedback using guitar and effect boxes. Frøysland plugs the audio signal to the videomixer, sends it to another videomixer and back, feedback, analog keying, analog filters.

Images triggered by Frøysland is projecting on the wall. As Hegre plays on his electric guitar laying on the table, we gradually understand that the instrument and the images are connected.
The ambient atmosphere suddenly get interfered by a sharp, piercing sound. Hegre with a hammer in one hand and a piece of metal in another, was carving into the electric guitar with strong and clear punches. A moment of silence after each punch followed by a feedback takes over the room. The intensity of the sound establish changes in the projected images, evoking various movements, shapes and colors.

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