Susanne Schuda

O artyście

Susanne Schuda_works in the field of Video, Installation, Digitale Collage, Text, Web, Public Art and Performance. "In my work I focus on the constitution of the individual in society and a constructed reality. Exaggeration, intensification, conversion of the familiar and deformation of the  usual exemplify the mechanism to which the individual is exposed."

In progress: "The international Party of the Sensitive", multi media project;

Experimental TV: "This is the truth of war, it needs to blend into the body." artificial Talk-Show, ORF III; Solo Shows (selection): Studio der Neuen Galerie Graz; T-K-Lang-Gallery, Webster University, Vienna; MediaNoche, New York; Galerie Dana Charkasi, Wien; Group Shows (selection): Generali Foundation, Wien; Kunsthaus Graz; Medienturm Graz; EMAF, Osnabrück; MONA, Detroit; Lothringer Laden, München; 98 weeks, Beirut, Salzburger Kunstverein; 1000 Plateau Gallery, Chengdu, China; Performance (selection): IMA, Niederösterreich (solo); Brut, Wien (with Sabine Marte); Donaufestival, Krems (with Sabine Marte); Kunsthaus Graz (solo); vierte Welt, Berlin (solo); Awards (selection): Nominee Berlin Art Prize 2015; Austrian State Scholarship; Marianne von Willemer - Award for Digital Media;

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