Michael Helmbrecht

O artyście

Michael Helmbrecht was born in Bad Harzburg in June 1981. He is a lecturer for Mobile Design and Development, Physical Computing, Media inSpace and other digital media related themes.

After completing his A Levels in Goslar he startet studying Design at the FH Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel. After his prediploma he changed to the HAWK Hildesheim. Inspired by all the new possibilities if Interaction Design he dived into the world of multitouch tables, generative design, physical computing and mobile design. In 2011 his diploma thesis was about the visualization of music of a midi-driven guitar within the context of live stage performance.

After his diploma he startet working at the HAWK Hildesheim as research assistant, lecturer and head of Interaction Lab. In this 4 years he supervised about 30 theses.

He was a guest lecturer at the HBK Braunschweig with an excursion and workshop in Posen (Poland). In 2011 he had an exhibition with polish video artist Grzegorz Zgraja in Katowice (Poland). Since 2014 he is working with light artist Betty Rieckmann.

He is co-founder of at//design with Niclas Bauermeister.

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