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Christian Graupner

studied graphic arts worked as visual artist ( and recording artist since 1980 in Berlin. Released a numberous of records and CDs ( Sound designer, music composer/producer for TV, movies, theatre and radio plays. Director of numberous music clips. Name giving co-founder of 'Club Automatique. In 2000 he and Nils Peters formed the independent artist group and production company Humatic. ( to create innovative media concepts, projects and software tools. CG has been guest lecturer at German & Suisse Universities and guest artist at ZKM, Center for Art&Media , Karlsruhe

His latest works explore the practices and myths around pop and contemporary music and combine multichannel video sound with partly machine- partly user-controlled 'humatic' interfaces and mechanisms. His recent sculptural / media work includes gambling machines and asian mojo figures, feedback guitars and beatbox-like vocal- & dance performances. In processing visual and audio material, he not only uses and adapts available computer programs but also uses the developments coded by his project collaborators. His work has been shown and performed worldwide : Selection of works

João Pais

Studied composition and electronic music in Lisbon, London and Freiburg. With Luís Antunes Pena and Diana Ferreira he founded and directed from 1997 to 2001 the new music festival ?Jornadas Nova Música? in Aveiro (Portugal). He collaborates in the conceptual electronic improvisation Trio Endphase which performed worldwide. JP curated the performance series BodyControlled at LEAP (Berlin). He is an active contributor to Pure Data (Pd) software development, and Click Tracker, a tool for the performance, study and composition of complex music, works as a sound engineerand gives lectures and workshops on the theory and practice of electronic music.

Larissa Hoss

Lari is a Berlin teenager, visiting highschool, has been living in Bangkok for 1 year, has guitar and dance skills.

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