Regina Tetens


Regina Tetens lives in Berlin, Germany, where she works as a freelance Curator, as Exhibition Manager and as Senior Project Manager for ART+COM Studios. She studied at the University of Arts in Berlin and film at the UA in Barcelona.

After running a gallery space in Berlin she co-curated a video show for a gallery in New York. When the art world moved into Berlin in the 90th she produced and co-curated 3 years in a row the first mayor annual art show in east Berlin und ab die Post... Then she worked for divers mayor exhibitions such as the world exhibition EXPO 2000 and the Expo 2012 in Switzerland, developing content and exhibition spaces. Since then she was responsible for the development and realization of several exhibitions, such as Based in Berlin, the theme year 2013 of the City of Berlin and other shows and exhibition spaces.
As Exhibition Manager she worked with KW Insitute for contemporary Art in Berlin and several years for the berlin biennial.
She was the Curator and Artistic Director of the Olympus PHOTOGRAPHY PLAYGROUND 2014 in Cologne and in Vienna and published in several media, such as the DANCE Magazine in NYC.
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